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IKIGAI workshop

Find your IKIGAI

Bring joy and meaning back into your life

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Find your IKIGAI
Find your IKIGAI

Time & Location

Time to be defined

IKIGAI workshop

About the event

~ The idea is simple: put joy and meaning back into your LIFE  ~

Not the right time? Quite the contrary. When we experience uncertain situations, a tightrope walk and everything seems to get in our way, it's time to focus on what gives us energy to light up the way and move forward in music.

This is one of my favorite workshops that I normally lead in 3 days face-to-face.

On the program wishlist:

☆Online collective work

☆ Individual monitoring and unblocking: either:

- on line

- online with your own horse

- face-to-face on the track with my horses

☆ "Homework"

☆ Personal development games


♧ two "collective" days

♧ an individual session of your choice

♧ 4 participants minimum

♧ price: 250 incl. VAT per person

For who ?

♡ Anyone in reflection, emulation, blocking on their life project and / or pro. It doesn't matter how old you are.

♤ When? To see between us via doodle

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