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Sun, Apr 23



Systemic Constellation Day with Horses

Become aware, transmute, work, together

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Systemic Constellation Day with Horses
Systemic Constellation Day with Horses

Time & Location

Apr 23, 2023, 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Overijse, Brusselsesteenweg, 3090 Overijse, Belgium

About the event


You are on this Facebook page, you can see that it is about horses, systemic and family constellations, intuitive role-playing games, symbolism, archetypes, energy.... but also about patterns, traumas, want something else and curiously another that would look like you for good. 

Maybe like many, myself included, you have at some point traded your authenticity and your own needs in favor of beliefs, social conventions, a relationship...

After a few years of denial and layers of conditioning, you no longer really perceive the meaning of your action, nor your exact position in your social, friendly, family interactions. You can't find your place and/or coincidentally you always find yourself in a repetitive scenario   or facing an emotional wound that prevents you from being yourself. What if you come to become aware of it and experience it with horses through systemic? 

I remember the words of my two parents, and you may say to yourself that this is the subject that provokes the memory, but I cannot help but share their words with you, which today seem very wise to me: " never get lost” and “if you want to change the system, study it”. Everything was said. 

A year ago, I launched systemic cohorts around emotional wounds: the "famous" betrayal, humiliation, abandonment, injustice, rejection. I particularly liked the cohort terminology, it had a historical, even epic feel, quite appropriate when you embark on a process of personal and transgenerational archeology and transmutation. 

Then and beyond words, it was a group that had committed itself over almost three months to meeting regularly. It was intense and it even created friendships afterwards. 

I decided to revive things, on a day in this between-winter-spring where everything is stripped down, requires going back to basics and at the same time we already feel the awakening of spring.

The time of a day in the open air in contact with nature and horses, we will become aware and transmute, together. 

Participation price: 120 euros per participant. Bring your lunch, an outfit adapted to the weather and good shoes. No knowledge of horses is required to participate.   The location is 10 minutes from Brussels and easily accessible by public transport. 


Based on the bringing to light of the unconscious through intuitive role-playing games and psychodramas, systemic and family constellations make it possible to become aware of and resolve conflicts, traumas, patterns present within systems (family , social, organizational,…). 

The time of a constellation, a person symbolically reconstitutes his system. People are then invited to play the role of representatives of members of a family, a team, a group and/or elements which are linked to it and which are completely foreign to them._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

At the end of this one, we will have worked so that the situations are unblocked, the balances restored. We will be assisted by the presence of free co-facilitator horses. 

In direct contact with the emotional, the unconscious and the geist, they allow us to progress quickly and in a more integral way in our understanding of the situations that present themselves to us.  


Coach, therapist and certified equi-coach specialized in systemic, I work with systemic tools developed by the German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, the Mirror Horse method, psychogenealogy, psychomagic, archetypes.

I am assisted in this art by my three equine companions and friends Alpi, Val and Fairy.  

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